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Introducing Laplace One S

Laplace One S has a small form factor and can fit into tight spaces and function with speed and accuracy. This product features fast deployment time, no code required, and cutting-edge vision AI. 

Overall Dimensions-1-modified_edited.jpg

Compact Solution for Light-Weight Applications

With a footprint of 311 mm x 292 mm and a weight of 8 kg, Laplace One S can easily fit into any industrial environment.

Zero layout changes required. Zero coding needed to setup. Zero impact to your production when integrating.

Advanced AI Vision

Our vision software can learn to recognize any object and differentiate between 'good' and 'bad', and how to interact with it.


Useful for any applications involving sorting, quality control, and visual inspection


Digitizing Production

The Laplace One S is able to store key metrics about its tasks and throughput, and generate reports to improve production and efficiency. 

Bring modern smart capabilities to your existing production line.

Singulate, Sort, Scan

Automate complex applications typically performed manually by humans.

With its built-in vision capabilities, Laplace One S is able to identify individual products, handle different product types accordingly, and reject any items that does not meet a given standard.

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